At Gainesville Video Production, we love the challenge and satisfaction that comes from making our clients look good with a well-produced television commercial. From script development to production to broadcast, our team will be with you every step of the way and work with you to make the production process a fun and effective experience.  We are an awared-winning video production team with the Addy Award to prove it!




We want to be your partner in producing quality television commercials for the long term. Our clients tell us they look forward to working with us on future projects after experiencing the detail, concern, and expertise that we put into every project. We genuinely go into every TV commercial project looking for ways to exceed our client’s expectations.




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What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let these satisfied clients do the talking!




“Scott did a terrific job both on site filming and delivered a polished final product. I would use his services again and have recommended him to others.”



”Owner”, ”Tri


“The presentation could not have gone any better! Video impressed everyone in attendance, one person told me the Chamber of Commerce should use the video as well. Your work on this project softened the stress, and pressure that I would have had without it. Thanks again!”



”Owner”, ”Chiefland


“Scott was very easy to work with. All the gear and video production equipment is professional. I would recommend working with Scott DeBerry on your video project.”



”Chairman, ”Building




Above all, you need to know what you are promoting so that we know how to make you look good and convey your message. What, specifically are you promoting? Do you offer a product or service and want to give a general overview? Are you having a special sale, promotion, or specific event that you are promoting? Who is your competition? If you have a number of competitors who are also advertising, such as injury attorneys, what is your hook? What makes you stand above the crowd that needs to be explained, seen, and heard?




Before we can price your project, we need a script and a concept of what is to be shot. We do offer script writing and marketing services and we can also work off of a retainer as we transition from script cheap oakleys and concept into production. If we prepare the script, we typically go through five to ten revisions before the script is considered concept-ready. Overall as the script is drafted, you should pick an audience, pick a vision, and execute it well. If it’s memorable and informative, you will win. Don’t get stuck on details that don’t forward your plot or strengthen your message.




The short answer: yes; via script notes and/or storyboarding. Once the script is complete, we will add detailed notes on exactly what the audience will see and hear. This will include things such as timing, the description to the type of music that is used, the camera movement, camera position, visual effects, transitions, scene sequences, and so on. Sometimes we need to take this a step further and actually draw out each scene so that both the film crew, editing crew, and client can more clearly see the overall vision during the planning process.film Baahubali 2: The Conclusion 2017 streaming



Once we have Cheap Jerseys a script, concept, script notes and/or a storyboard, we will know what the vision is for the project. That vision will tell us if the shoot is outdoors, indoors, on location at your business, on location at a rented location/venue, in a studio—or some combination thereof. We will work with you in determining the location, advise on any costs to rent a location, any set rental costs, set design costs and so on. All of these details play into when the shoot will be scheduled and we will work together on every detail.




Just as with the last question, once we have the script, concept, script notes and/or a storyboard, we will understand if hiring any actors is needed. If your actors suck, so will your spot. It’s Shoots as simple as that. If you are thinking about being in front of the camera for your production that’s fine, but you should also consider if hiring a spokesperson/actor is a good fit based on the cheap nfl jerseys script, your message, and budget. We can fill whatever need there might be for actors for your project. Theirs is so much talent out there!



Answering this question is a lot like asking how much is costs to build a cheap nfl jerseys house. It just depends on a lot of details such as where it is build, how big and complex it is, the features and finishing, etc. If you’ve read through all of the Q&A to this point, you can probably see that the cost comes down to the details for your project. The details are all derived from the script, concept, script notes and/or storyboarding for your project. Here’s a short list of topics that will have an impact on how much your spot will cost over and above typical film crew and editing costs: location, venue rentals, actors, visual effects, music and other licensing, duration of production, duration of editing, revisions, and broadcast area (local, regional, national vs. international). Pricing your project is a process. A process that we’ll easily guide you though. It all just starts with a phone call 352-275-6897. My name is Scott DeBerry and I’m happy to hear more about your project.



Let’s set a meeting to discuss your project and learn more about how we can help.


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