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We recently had the pleasure of assisting Tri County Metals in Trenton, FL with this awesome promotional video for their website. We produced this video from footage captured over six separate video shoots over an eight week period. The montage at the front of the video was complied in After Effects. The opening and ending background music is commercially licensed from artist State Shirt and is titled “Computer.” Check out more from State Shirt on their website

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Be sure to check out the TV commercial, too!
What's the commercial length?

Great question. The amount of time and labor you see in this example video is the same, typically, if we were producing a 30-second spot for television broadcast, or a three to five minute Web commercial for your website or YouTube. The value is in the quality of what we can produce for you. Most television stations will charge about the same as we do to produce a 30-second spot. The value is we can produce a longer, better quality video for the same amount.

How do we get started?

The process is relatively simple. Often from just a phone conversation we will be able to understand what it is you are tying to accomplish with the video. Sometimes a tour of your facility or location in-person is needed before we are able to offer a written proposal. Many times our standard pricing you see listed here will match the expectation of the client. Sometimes, however, we will need to modify the price to allow for additional interviews, locations, and so on. Basically we will meet with you to be sure we understand your goals. Then once you approve/execute the proposal we will schedule production. Once production is concluded will begin the editing process which can take from a few days to a few weeks depending on the goal/details. Then we will meet with you to review the initial draft and make notes for any needed tweaks or adjustments.

How long will this take?

Once our proposal to you is executed, the video shoot itself will likely be a minimum of three hours over one or two separate shoots depending on the logistics and details. From there, the editing process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks just depending on the urgency, details, and our overall production schedule. Once a draft is complete, we will meet with you in person to review the draft together and make notes for any needed tweaks or editing adjustments.

“Scott did a terrific job both on site filming and delivered a polished final product. I would use his services again and have recommended him to others.”

Chris Weatherilt

Owner, Tri County Metals

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