Community Calling

a special presentation brought to you by Chiefland Farm Supply

Be sure to switch to full screen – this video was uploaded at 1080 Full HD.

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“The presentation could not have gone any better! Video impressed everyone in attendance, one person told me the Chamber of Commerce should use the video as well. Your work on this project softened the stress, and pressure that I would have had without it. Thanks again!”

Wes Grant

Owner, Chiefland Farm Supply

About: Community Calling

Community Calling is a special presentation commissioned by Chiefland Farm Supply in which the local area to Levy County, Florida is showcased along with ownership and others from the community. This production was shot over the course of 5 weeks and was edited and finalized over a 90-day period by Gainesville Video Production – a division of DeBerry Marketing Services, LLC.

Find Alan!

Our Assistant Director, Alan, shows up in a couple of places on Community Calling! The glimpses are a fraction of a second each – but can you find Alan? It’s sort of like Where’s Waldo for video! Hint: If you’ve looked but you really can’t find him but want to know where he is he’s wearing the same red shirt as in this photo and he shows up twice. And if that doesn’t help and you give up, here’s the time stamp for each occurrence listed backwards: 12:1 and 20:3

And there’s more!

From the main footage captured, we were able to create 4 other videos for the folks at Chiefland Farm Supply including this new 30 second television ad.

Be sure to switch to full screen – this video was uploaded at 1080 Full HD.


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