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Success is often in the details

A video can be viewed...and reviewed...

How long can you shoot for?

Great question. We can handle any length, any size training and at any venue. This video example is truly just a promotional piece for the training referenced, but this particular training was a consecutive three-day event and we edited and produced over 19 hours of footage for the client. The length does not matter. We can accommodate your needs.

How do we get started?

The process is relatively simple. Often from just a phone conversation we will be able to understand what it is you are tying to accomplish with the video. Sometimes a tour of your facility or location in-person is needed before we are able to offer a written proposal. Many times our standard pricing you see listed here will match the expectation of the client. Sometimes, however, we will need to modify the price to allow for additional interviews, locations, and so on. Basically we will meet with you to be sure we understand your goals. Then once you approve/execute the proposal we will schedule production. Once production is concluded will begin the editing process which can take from a few days to a few weeks depending on the goal/details. Then we will meet with you to review the initial draft and make notes for any needed tweaks or adjustments.

Training for sale...

Have you ever thought about selling your training per view or in a package? Through our marketing partners, we can develop a custom delivery vehicle, through either a custom website or website add-on, to allow you to potentially make residuals from your efforts and investment with the video. Call us to learn more 352-275-6897.

Scott was very easy to work with. All the gear and video production equipment is professional. I would recommend working with Scott DeBerry on your video project.

Scott 'Spiderman' Mulholland

Chairman of the Board, Building Envelope Science Institute

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