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Filmed and edited by Scott DeBerry.

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Gainesville Video Production wants to be your partner in creating compelling, visually stunning music videos. Regardless if you are looking for a simple, performance-style video to something with a host of visual effects and polish, we have the skill, equipment, and crew to make you look awesome.

We will keep it simple

The team at Gainesville Video Production can guide you down the path to success when it comes to basically any production, but most especially music videos. Depending on your budget and vision, there are numerous approaches we can take to collaborate to turn your passionately-crafted music into something visually compelling with music videos.

Some samples…

Filming, editing, and concept by Scott DeBerry.

Filming and editing by Scott DeBerry. Concept by Memories by Misti.

Filming & editing by Scott DeBerry, concept by Memories by Misti.

Filming, editing, and concept by Scott DeBerry.

Filming & editing by Scott DeBerry.



Utilize our services for filming your live event. We have a talented team who, together, can capture your live performance from several angles. Then in the editing suite, we will stitch together a compelling video which will be loved by your fans!



The talented, award-winning team at Gainesville Video Production will meet with you, carefully listening to your vision to help craft a production that will be visually stunning and complementary to your musical craft.



Sometimes all you need is a little investment in yourself to help others see your vision. Let us help you achieve your vision. Give us a call 352-507-7033


Tell us more about your project Jaarprijs and we’ll reply promptly with more information.



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