Whether you’re going to the grocery story, purchasing small purchases like back-to-school clothes, or larger purchases like home appliances, often, those to plan and have good timing can save significantly. The same logic goes for video production projects. If you plan and time your video project right, you can save money significantly.

There are two projects we finished recently that both started as larger, longer promotional videos for broadcast on the client’s website which also yielded additional shorter, concise videos that were used in various ways. In each case, because the videos were booked together, each client saved money.

471615513_960The first example is JTS Supply based in Chiefland, FL which makes safe rooms from plate steel. We produced a promotional video for their new website produced by DeBerry Marketing Services to display on the website home page. This video will autoplay the very first time you visit the site and then won’t play again until it’s been at least a week since you last visited (pretty cool to help avoid from visitors getting annoyed with repeated video autoplays). Then from the interview segment footage, we were able to slice off several Q&A-type, short video segments to further embellish Z3 the site and give it a more multimedia feel.

487327670_960Then there’s video production for Tri County Metals in Tenton, FL. Tri County Metals is a metal roofing manufacturer who sells directly to both homeowners and contractors. Like JTS Supply, Tri County Metals wanted a professional promotional video to their established website to help streamline their marketing message. At the same time, the local TV station was pestering them to re-shoot a tired TV spot and so when we negotiated the promotional video it was decided that from footage captured we would edit a tight, attractive 30 second commercial to help update their TV broadcast advertising.

In both cases, the client saved money because had we separately produced all the videos referenced, the price would have been much higher. With this approach, each client saved hundreds of dollars; and it’s a win-win. The client gets to roll our multiple new facets for marketing, and we get to enjoy a longer, focused project.

We have more similar projects in the works that we’re pretty excited about. You’ll have to check back on our website and see the finished work. Until then, don’t hesitate to contact us about discussing and booking your project. We love making our clients look good and our passion shows in our work. Call Scott at 352-275-6897 for more information.

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