What I leaned putting together my first Drone footage promo:

Although we don’t officially offer aerial video services until we complete the FAA 333 Exemption process, it was fun putting together some hobbyist footage as I put my new drone through it’s paces.

So after watching YouTube videos and rollouts over the past 18 months or so and drooling over the new, affordable drone tech, I finally decided to take the plunge on DJI’s latest pro-level unit complete with a 4K camera.

I was hesitant about the camera and all-in-one approach since one of the joys (and curses) of being a представляет video guy is accessories and being able to use varied hardware approaches to get the desired effect. But, in this instance, I decided to roll the dice and I’m glad I did.

With about 12 years behind the camera in a professional-level capacity, I’ve often visualized the shots that I need to capture. That approach seems to always work. The most fun I have is on a scripted shoot where I can be creative and a controlled and technical way and I often have Cheap china Jerseys a tough time sleeping the night before thinking about my shots, reviewing the script and script notes in my mind, and visualizing the shots.

This topic of visualizing the shots came in to play with my new drone. The very first thing in my mind, beyond the exploding excitement of finally having a pro-level drone of my very own, was business; i.e. putting together a solid promo to let my clients know that I can now assist them href=”http://cheapjerseysupply.com/” target=”_blank”>cheap jerseys with aerial work, too. So in my mind an then on paper I had mapped out a series of shots that I wanted to get and locations. I had an ambitions schedule and timeline that I gave myself to accomplish the task.

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I think that knowing the shots I want to get is key. I couldn’t imagine piloting a drone without having some gumption of what the goal is. While this was cheap ray bans imprinted on my brain from years of shooting, and while it was a natural transition, I think that a key thing I learned was to recognize that your shots need to be visualized. By this I knew the locations, the approach based on the light (east vs west vs time of day, etc), the perspective of approach, the turns, and so on.

In typical male fashion, while I watched scores of YouTube videos and tutorials on the topic of dones for video over the past 18 months, had having read the Quick Start Guide, I didn’t actually read the manual until after my fourth flight. Yep, you read that correctly. If you are about to buy a drone or just bought one, do yourself a favor and read the manual.

The topic of the manual and some of the key topics listed therein became very real when I took my first spill. I was filming a scene at a neighbor’s house with my daughter and their daughter and the plan was they were to sort of chase each other and climb up the cargo net into this awesome club house my neighbor built in his backyard. All the while the drone would be in front of them at a safe distance flying backwards, maneuvering left and right around a few objects to give the “chase” some added excitement. I banked too far left, then over corrected right and one of the propellers clipped a support post and it inverted and landed on the ground; which was only 3 feet below, thankfully.

The gimbal is fragile, the way the gimbal assembly attaches to the body could become troublesome, and one of the key points from a business perspective is the battery. I didn’t realize through all of the tutorials I watched the limited nature of the drone battery system. There is a limit to how often it can be recharged and that limit seems to be lower than I would have realized. And then there’s the topic of the props – and overall inspection before takeoff with each flight. The props should be replaced every so often as well.

So I learned what we’ve all heard many times over – read the manual. Luckily, I managed to avoid any disaster. And now that I’ve survived my first promo and have some booked work coming in, I’m fully versed in the recurring costs that will have to be calculated over and above other typical costs that go into pricing a production.

In conclusion I’ve really enjoyed owning the done and it’s Cheap NFL Jerseys China a tremendous amount of fun. Luckily I live in a rural area in north Florida dotted with scores of eco-tourism opportunities, wide open spaces, and plenty of topics and subject to film with my drone just for fun; over and above any paid work. So to recap, my three-point advice to you would be: read your manual, visualize your shot, and if you’re planning to do commercial work, be aware of the recurring costs to care for and operate your drone.

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