Aerial Photography and Video Services


Gainesville Video Production can help you monitor cheap oakleys all phases of your construction activities, from site preparation to project completion, in a cost effective manner. Easy to manage, portable, and flexible in their ability to quickly access hard to reach areas, our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can safely capture high-resolution photographs and videos up to 4K. We can process this information Sony on-site and deliver it directly your construction management team in a variety of formats. This accurate cost and time saving process allows your team to review, on-demand, all aspects of the construction process and make any appropriate decisions or take corrective actions on the spot.

Agriculture – Crop and Herd Management

Gainesville Video Production can help enhance your live event with real time streaming to YouTube! YES! We can stream your event LIVE in 720HD to YouTube, capture high resolution images and stunning video up to 4K all with skilled, fluid, safe piloting. Have a party, graduation, wedding or other live event that you’d like to enhance? Let us add aerial photography and video to your live event filming and get a new, exciting perspective as we capture memories that will last generations.

Real Estate and Location Marketing

Aerial photography and video are the new standard for high-end real estate marketing. You only have one chance to capture the attention of your customers. Use a stunning aerial image of your business, or resort property to put your best foot forward. Hotels, golf courses, and resorts use our images to create promotional videos, photography, and other digital media for print and web marketing. The team at Gainesville Video Production runs an efficient and clean operation, ensuring that your project remains on-time and on-budget.

Agriculture – Crop and Herd Management

North Florida is home to some hard working farmers and ranchers.  By partnering with us for fly-overs at certain time intervals, farmers and ranchers can better keep tabs on how their crops and livestock are doing, especially if they have large acreage under production. If the crop isn’t getting enough water or nutrients, aerial surveillance can help pinpoint problem areas early saving valuable time and potentially increase yield. Why patrol by truck over uncomfortable terrain when we can do it for you and email you a link to a video in 4K definition or high-resolution photo?



  • Aerial Job Site Inspection Photos and Video
  • Aerial Job Site Progress Photos and Video
  • Aerial Development Photos and Video


  • Aerial Real Estate Photos and Video
  • Aerial Resort and Hotel Photos and replica oakleys Video
  • Aerial Golf Course Photos and Video


  • Aerial Festival Photos and Video
  • Aerial Concert Photos and Video
  • Aerial Wedding Photos and Video


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