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Scott DeBerry


Owner, Director of Cinematography

Having worked in video production for over a decade, Scott is an award-winning videographer who brings both technical knowledge and a creative perspective many clients appreciate throughout the project. Scott also edits all our our production.

  • Technical Knowledge 40%
  • Creative Flow 50%
  • Window washing 10%


Promotion, Assistant Director

Known in local circles as the “Faster Pastor,” Alan brings years of solid promotional background and you will often see Alan manning cameras and coordinating details at larger shoots.

  • Assistant Director Duties 40%
  • Losing at the track 5%
  • Promotion 55%


Public Relations Manager

Never having met a stranger, Candace is a valuable asset to our production team. She works wonders coordinating shoot details, press releases and other details related to promotion and production.

  • Customer Happiness 50%
  • Tech Support 10%
  • Community Management 40%

Introducing Mr. Erik Reynolds

About Erik:

As no stranger to professional production, I have been using my voice to communicate on stage and on air for over 18 years. I’m a veteran of broadcast and multimedia production and very confident in my ability to deliver. I have worked with a varied list of clients and projects, from instructional videos for major corporations to commercials for local attorneys. Some of my better know credits include Microsoft, Subaru, Sport Clips, Rebook, H&R Block, Qualcomm, Samsung, Papa Johns, 3M and Schick.

Recent voice work with GVP:

About us

The team at Gainesville Video Production can make your organization come alive with a professional video production and give it your personality for your website or other uses, and we can create a promotional video for you to use with clients. We know what works and what doesn’t work. We proudly offer video production services for Gaiensville, FL and all of north Florida.

Beyond the obvious advantages of adding video to your website, presentation or training, there are compelling benefits to having quality video linked to your organization online. Specifically, we can develop a custom video production from 30 seconds in length and upload that video online with meta-tags and SEO details that will enhance your corporate web presence online.

Gainesville Video Production can assist you with a wide variety of professional video production services including:

How about capturing your family history on video? We do Family Heirloom Videos to preserve memories of family stories and we can use images of old photos, and/or shoot current video and have it all narrated.

If you are interested in something you do not see here, please contact us. We are always ready to accommodate your needs!

Gainesville Video Production is a division of DeBerry Marketing Services, LLC.

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Our Process

Finding solutions to our clients’ communications challenges is what we love to do.

Many clients ask us about the steps they need to take to ensure an effective, engaging video production that stays on schedule and on budget. There’s no question that a successful collaboration requires some preparation. Here’s what has worked for us, along with some of the questions we’re likely to ask.

Clarify your objectives

Why are you considering embarking on a video project at all? What do you want to do with it? Teach, inspire, motivate? Build a brand? Perhaps explain your technology? Or simply entertain.

We take a consultative approach. Making a great video that no one needs is a waste of resources. So we try always to keep our eyes, and yours, on the ball.

Define the audience, and the setting

Who will watch, and where? What makes them tick – what will get under their skin and evoke an emotional response?

How something will be shared can make a big difference in how it will be perceived. So let’s get that part ironed out first.

Take risks with the creative plan

What do you like; what entertains you? Chances are that’s the right direction for others in your organization too.

Audiences respond to stories that move them. They respond to honesty. Don’t fill up the piece, or the campaign, with lots of data for the sake of checking off a “content box.”

Don't take risks with the execution

Bringing a project in on time and on budget takes careful forethought. What could go wrong? How can we test this idea to make sure it works?

There’s only one real insurance policy against catastrophe, and that’s experience. Gainesville Video Production has decades of production and post-production experience, and we use it to match the right approach to the project. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money – it means spending it wisely.

One thing to remember is that producing a great video is not a hand-off, it’s a partnership. Make time for your internal review process. Keep asking questions — we don’t mind. And be available for the critical creative decisions. Read the script carefully; come to the shoot; watch the “rough cut” more than once.

Mind the details

At Gainesville Video Production, we care about doing great work. And we can get a little obsessive about making the best possible piece. But there’s something we care even more about – and that’s satisfied clients. Sometimes one small flaw can derail an otherwise powerful experience. We’ll keep working until everyone’s thrilled.

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From Our Clients

“Scott did a terrific job both on site filming and delivered a polished final product. I would use his services again and have recommended him to others.”

Chris Weatherilt

Owner, Tri County Metals

“Scott was very easy to work with. All the gear and video production equipment is professional. I would recommend working with Scott DeBerry on your video project.”

Scott Mulholland

Chairman of the Board, Building Envelope Science Institute

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